Financial Fraud Investigations


Forensic Services - Expert Witness Testimony:

We are currently involved in serving as an expert witness in numerous disputes. These cases involve internal investigations related to insider abuse, conflicts of interest, corruption, fiduciary responsibilities, and other issues involving the breakdown of corporate governance reporting structures. Specific topics include credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, circumvention of internal controls, and specific issues involving malfeasance of directors and other insiders. We have also been involved with helping to better understand the intent of regulatory enforcement actions including civil money penalties, removal and prohibition orders, memorandums of understanding and cease and desist orders.

Regulatory Issues - Banking and Banking Supervision:

We have significant experience in helping troubled financial institutions respond to regulatory compliance issues involving examinations, enforcement actions, loan underwriting and asset classification standards including the evaluation of non-performing loans and impaired assets. We have also assisted in the development of recapitalization plans.

Financial Fraud

Our review of financial fraud is to uncover the intentional misrepresentation of material fact(s) including deception to secure an unfair advantage or an unlawful gain at the expense of another (It is has been estimated that insiders steal eight time more money than is stolen through bank robberies or burglaries).

We understand that helping clients meet their business challenges, manage risk, and navigate the dangers of costly and disruptive litigation and investigations begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work.

Our recovery team includes: Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Public Accountants, Former Certified Banking Regulatory Officials, Experienced Expert Witnesses , Forensic Analysts.

Our practice of financial fraud focuses on the following:

  • Commercial Lending Operations

  • Residential Mortgages

  • Insider/Related Parties transaction

  • Classification of Impaired Assets

  • Evaluation of the adequacy of loan loss provisions and reserves

  • Circumvention of Policies and Procedures

  • Evaluation of compliance with regulatory enforcement actions