Our Projects

Since 1995, the staff of Opportunity Group has been actively involved in the economic development of Eastern Europe and the Republics of the Former Soviet Union. We have worked with donor agencies and private institutions to develop and implement various technical assistance projects in the areas of central bank reforms, commercial bank and non-bank financial institution reforms including corporate governance systems, legal systems, accounting conversions, management information reporting systems, and other capital market reforms.
Our staff has successfully implemented numerous multi-year, multi-faceted projects in the region involving technical assistance programs with funding that exceeded $50 million. For over fifteen years, we worked extensively in the international banking sector in Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belize, Albania, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Montenegro, Romania, Egypt, and Russia.

Specifics programs include:

Resolution Trust Corporation

Served as an asset manager for a group of troubled assets Responsibilities included obtaining clear title, establishing market value, selling/marketing strategies, and closing procedures. Period of Performance: 1991- – 1992

Texas Department of Insurance

Served as a court appointed Special Deputy Receiver for 7 troubled insurance companies including both Life and Property and Casualty Companies. Period of Performance: 1992 – 1995

National Bank of Moldova

Problem Bank Resolution and Off-site Surveillance Systems - Served as the Senior Consultant for the development and establishment of formal criterial for defining a problem bank including enforcement techniques to help mitigate and contain the problems of distressed banks. Period of Performance: 1995-1996

National Bank of Ukraine

As the Senior Consultant was responsible for supporting the efforts to rationalize enforcement programs with particular attention to under-capitalized banks as well as the development of recapitalization plans for several large sectoral bank. Also involved in the development of an internal audit program involving fraud prevention.  Period of Performance: 1996-1997

Central Bank of Uzbekistan

Risk based Bank Supervision Program including the following components: Period of Performance: 1997-1999

    • On-site inspection programs,
    • Off-site surveillance systems,
    • Legal – development of banking laws and regulations,
    • Auditing Standards,
    • Accounting conversation to International Accounting Standards,
    • Corporate Governance Standards.

National Bank of Egypt

Served as the lead consultant for implementing a comprehensive program, with a focus on prudential reporting by the commercial banks, bank recapitalizations, bank restructuring strategies for all state-owned banks and a financial crisis preparedness program.  Period of Performance: Spring of 1998

National Bank of Kazakhstan

Risked based Supervision Program including on-site inspections and off-site surveillance systems. Period of Performance: 1999

National Bank of Georgia

Risked based Bank Supervision Program including the following components.  Period of Performance: 1999 – 2003

    • Off-site surveillance systems,
    • Banking reforms including bank recapitalization and resolution, asset restructurings,
    • Financial literacy training campaigns for commercial bankers and central bankers
    • Legal – development of banking laws and regulations
    • Commercial Banks accounting conversation to International Financial Reporting Standards
    • Corporate Governance Standards
    • Training Initiatives

National Bank of Azerbaijan

Risked based Bank Supervision Program including the following component.  Period of Performance: 2003 - 2007

    • Off-site surveillance systems,
    • Legal – development of banking laws and regulations,
    • Commercial Banks accounting conversation to International Financial Reporting Standards,
    • Corporate governance training and international financial reporting standards development with central and commercial bankers, government, ministries, the judiciary, and stakeholders,

Financial literacy training initiatives for commercial bankers and central bankers

Central Bank of Belize

Risked based Supervision Program including development of on-site inspection processes, internal auditing programs, consolidated supervision and risk-based matrixes.  Period of Performance: 2008 - 2009

Deposit Guaranty Fund Ukraine

Development of a Bank Resolution Manual including resolution methods, preparing the resolution plan, marketing the troubled/failed bank, and final resolution processes including identifying the winning bid and closing the failed bank. Period of Performance: 2011

Thomson Reuters

Litigation support involving corporate governance issues including fiduciary responsibilities for boards of directors. Period of Performance: on-going