Opportunity Group

Welcome to Opportunity Group

Opportunity Group LLC is a consulting and business advisory firm with first-hand experience and expertise in promoting meaningful change and resolving problems in domestic and international financial markets. We strive to provide tangible results to each of our client's needs. Honesty and integrity is always the foundation for our work. 

Our mission: To assist our client’s foresee, detect, and respond to the global risks that come from corruption, litigation, financial mismanagement, and other dangers of costly litigation threats.

In the U.S. financial markets, our team of professionals has served as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in legal matters involving various forms of fraud including embezzlement, mis-allocation of assets, and other forms of fraudulent conveyances. Past clients have included commercial banks, savings and loans, savings banks, thrifts, credit unions, insurance companies, mortgage companies and individuals. These assignments have included the interpretation and understanding of regulatory enforcement actions, corporate governance issues involving fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest, lending fraud, the misuse of financial reporting structures, and other operational issues that impact the accuracy of financial reporting systems and related solvency issues. As part of these assignments, our team has provided written reports and oral testimony for private sector entities and government agencies in both federal and state courts.
The management team of Opportunity Group is also well known for its work in emerging markets regarding the development of the commercial banking sector. Our work in numerous emerging market countries has allowed us to develop and implement a reform strategy that establishes the necessary conditions for the emergence of a competitive and efficient privately owned financial sector. These processes include improvements to the legal, regulatory oversight functions, financial reporting, and accounting environments for stability in the both the banking and non-banking sector. Our staff has extensive dealings with the development and implementation of strategies for restructuring and/or liquidating troubled banks.

Opportunity Group's efforts include working with international donors in the modernization of economic structures and policies in developing countries. We also have significant experience in partnering with various agencies of the United States Government and numerous State Agencies.